Editorial Policy

Investigative Reporting Online uses exacting, time-consuming, and expensive news gathering and publishing standards.

The mission of IRO is purely journalistic. It has no backers or partners. I am its sole funder.

All editorial decisions are mine. No one else, including subscribers or sources, has input into the editorial or publication process.

IRO’s business model is simple: Attract paying subscribers. I do not short stocks, period. Nor can I benefit from the security price movements of any company discussed on this site. (This prohibition extends to any service providers IRO might use.)

The reporting is primarily document-driven. All articles are closely edited and undergo an extensive prepublication legal review. Accuracy, clarity, and fairness will be the hallmarks of IRO’s work. Every effort will be made to embrace nuance and complexity. Readers deserve to see that people and companies often have diverse pressures and incentives driving their actions.

IRO will vigorously protect the identity of any source, especially those current and former corporate insiders functioning as whistleblowers, to the fullest extent of all state and federal press shield laws.

Finally, IRO’s approach to seeking comments and framing responses differs from the practices I have recently observed in many other press organizations. I give the subjects of my reporting ample detail about what I want to publish and the time necessary to answer my questions. Responses are extensively quoted in the article’s body and linked via screencap.