The Foundation for Financial Journalism is committed to following the highest standards of nonprofit governance. To that end, our disclosures are in line with the Institute for Nonprofit News’ requirements for both member transparency and editorial independence. No donor receives anything of value in return for his or her donation. (Please read this brief primer on how and why our reporting comes first.)

All donors of $200 or more are disclosed by name and locale (when possible). Those giving $200 to $5000 may request anonymity; anyone contributing more than $5,000 cannot. We do not identify donors of sums less than $200. Our policy is to disclose the name of the person who initiated making an institutional gift. The foundation will not accept gifts tied to a specific project or a desired outcome.

The amounts listed below represent donations made in 2020 through Dec. 31. The figures are cumulative and continuously updated.

Greg Andrews, Dallas, Texas, $200.00

Aristedes Capital Charitable Fund, (Chris Brown), Toledo, Ohio, $1,000.00

Daniel Barker, New York, New York, $1,000.00

Carson Block, Austin, Texas, $20,000.00

Christopher Carey, Ann Arbor, Michigan, $1,239.60

Marshall Cowden, Los Angeles, Calif., $250.00*

Ryan Bakhtiar, $206.28

Stacy and Tyler Burke, Dallas, Texas, $2,500.00

Jon Carnes, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, $10,000.00

Janey Cordingley, Rosemere, Quebec, $250.00

Egerton Capital Management (John Armitage), London, England, $5,000.00

Judith Doris, New York City, New York, $309.27

Alec Embke, Seattle, Washington, $600.00

Matthew Farrell, Charlottesville, Virgina, $321.00

Commeo Fidenter (John Fichthorn), Darien, Connecticut, $10,000

Scott Fearon, Mill Valley, California, $5,000.00

Fund for Nonprofit News (The Miami Foundation), Miami, Florida, $20,000.00**

Jeffrey Gardner, New York City, New York, $500.00

Ben Glaze, New York City, New York, $206.28

Jeff Gramm, Brooklyn, New York, $2,500.00

Jim Graves, Louisville, Kentucky, $300

James Austin Hill, $635.24

Austin Hopper (AWH Capital), Dallas, Texas, $515.24

Brian Horey, Honey Family Fund, $500.00

Investors for Director Accountability (Shad Rowe), Dallas, Texas, $6,000.00

Paul Isaac, Larchmont, New York, $2,000.00

Peter Lattman, New York, New York, $257.78

Mark Long, Lago Vista, Texas, $257.78

Charles McCaghey, New York City, New York, $200.00

Spencer Parris, Raleigh, North Carolina, $5,000.00

Joseph Pijanowski, Indian Head Park, Illinois, $300.00

Renaissance Charitable Foundation, (Anonymous), $5,000.00

Dr. Jana Robbins, Claremore, Oklahoma, $362.38

Joseph Schiavo, New York City, New York, $300.00

Benjamin Smith (BWS Trading LLC), Orlando, Florida, $2,060.94

Jody Staggs, Dallas, Texas, $721.22

Vranos Family Foundation, Old Greenwich, Connecticut, $15,000

Sky Wilber (CTF Capital Management), Greenwich, Connecticut, $2,060.94

Eric Wood, St. John, Fla., $1,000.00

Daphne Zohar, Brookline, Mass., $257.77

* Includes $250 match gift from Hotchis & Wiley Capital Management

** This grant is from the 2020 NewsMatch matching grant challenge. The donors to the Fund for Nonprofit News at the Miami Foundation include: Democracy Fund, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation, the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust, the Dirk and Natasha Ziff Family Foundation, and the Present Progressive Fund at Schwab Charitable.